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Selling your house

for_saleYou’ll need to work with experienced professionals who can get the best price for your property in the shortest possible time. Brar & Co have many years experience and a proven track record in sales conveyancing.

Our aim is to take the stress out of selling your home. Our solicitors can provide advice and expertise to ensure your house sale goes through quickly and efficiently.

Here’s the very minimum of what you can expect from us:

  • Excellent knowledge of the local market
  • Highly experienced and friendly team of dedicated professionals
  • Skillful legal staff to get the best price for your property

That's why instructing Brar & Co to act on your behalf makes sense. For a no obligation quote on handling your property sale, call us on: 0191 276 6880 or Complete our easy form and we’ll call you back.



A few tips to help yo with selling your home


tips2 1 – Get ready to sell

Finish off all those little jobs that didn’t quite get done. Decide what you will be including in the sale; usually fixtures and fittings like storage heaters, door handles etc are included but other moveable items may be up for negotiation

Get rid of items you no longer need and are not planning to take with you. This will make your home look less cluttered and more spacious to prospective buyers. Some councils may take larger items away for free or a small sum.

Consider providing additional documention like Environmental searches or Home Condition Reports


2 – Find out how much your home wil realise

Consult your local agent who will offer expert advice on a realistic price and check out average house prices in your area. Search for similar properties in your area and see what prices they are fetching.

Brar & Co can offer you a comprehensive market appraisal and price comparison.


3 – Choosing an agent

It is possible for you to sell your home yourself but to avoid pifalls and minimise risk using the skill and expertise of an agent is recommended. Selling all types of property all day every day gives them a vast knowledge of the buying and selling process.

Pick an agent with a proven track record in selling, look around your local area for ‘Sold’ boards as this is a good indicator.


4 – Get the most out of your viewings

Once you have your agent on board you need to get your home ready to be viewed and work on making the best first impressions.

Think about your home’s ‘kerb appeal’ and get the entrance to your home looking the best it can be. Paint the front door, weed the garden and clean the windows.

  •  Inside should be clutter free and in good repair.

Maximise your storage to keep personal belongings out of sight so your viewers can imagine themselves living in your home with their own belongings. Look at your home with a critical eye and:

  • Keep it clean and tidy, declutter
  • Undertake minor repairs so buyers have to try hard to find any negatives
  • Decorate in neutral tones with a wider appeal
  • Make it cosy in winter and fresh and airy in summer
  • Get rid of smoke and pet smell odours. Open windows, place pot-pourri or fresh flowers to brighten the place up. Brew some fresh coffee or put sme bread in the oven.
  • Use lighting to good effect, make the place look homely


5 – Managing offers

Once you have received an offer be prepared to negotiate. Sometimes the highest bidder may not be the best buyer for you.

A lower bidder may be in a stronger buying position: cash buyer, no chain or already have their mortgage in place. Most buyers will want the property taken off the market once an offer has been accepted but ensure your agent will remarket if the sale does procedd within a reasonable time.

If you are not getting any offers discuss with youragent why they think youur home is not selling. What sort of feedback is being given by viewers? Are the photos clear and showing your property off in the best light?


6 – Ensure the sale goes smoothly

  • Let your agent know when you’d like to exchange contracts and complete.

Make sure you are getting regular updates on the progress of your sale.

  • Your conveyancer will need your ID and current mortgage roll number to check you own the property.
  • Complete the detailed questionnaire on your property – it is a legal requirement to give truthful answers
  • Complete the form giving details of all fixtures and fittings that are included in the sale
  • Answer any questions quickly and fully and get them to your agent as quickly as you can

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